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IX ITALIAN EME CONTEST Date and Time : from 00.00 utc of 18 May 2002 to 24.00 utc of 19 May 2002 Frequency : 50,144,432,1296,2304,5760 MHz,10 GHz and UP. Mode : CW , SSB . Only bilateral contact EME . Report : M, O, RST. Band 144 MHz ; Category A) antenna max length 10 meters B) ant. between 10,01 to 20 meters length or dish up to 7 meters diameter C) ant. between 20,01 to 40 meters length or dish between 7,01 to 10 meters diameter D) ant. between 40,01 to 80 meters length or dish over 10.01 meters diameter E) ant. between 80,01 to 160 meters length F) ant. over 160 meters length Band 432 MHz ; Category A) antenna max 12,5 meters length B) ant.between 12,51 to 25 meters length C) ant. between 25,01 to 50 meters length or dish up to 4,5 meters diameter D) ant. over 50,01 meters length or dish over 4,51 meters diameter As for other frequencies (50,1296 MHz and up), categories are one for each band. To define length of antenna : length on meters, between last reflector to far director. EX. 1 antenna length 10 meters is A category, also with a plant from 4 to 2,50 meters length or 2 by five meters A category as well ( referred to 144 MHz). Also same for 432 MHz. The stations that use cross antenna, have a separate categories from the single polarization, referred 144 and 432 MHz. OM and SWL can partecipate. In the SWL section, also OM are accepted, but just as SWL and they can't make EME transmissions during the contest. SWL category are one for each band. Score : 10 points a bilateral contact 31 points a bilateral contact with an Italian stations 10 points a bilateral contact between Italian stations Remarks on the 144 and 432 MHz bands categories: If the score of the first station classified in each category does not exceed the first of the preceding category, the category itself is cancelled and stations will be listed in the lower section. EX. : The first in E category scores 1000 points, the first in F category scores 990 points, then F category is declassed into E category and its partecipants compete in E cat. too. In the same way, if the first in C cat. scores 300 p.ts , first in D cat. scores 290 p.ts, first in E cat. 280 p.ts and first in F cat. scores 310 p.ts, we will have a single classification for F category and another for C,D,E all together. Winners : are those who get the maximum score in each category. Every single station can partecipate in more than one band. PRIZES : Only the first in each category gets a prize ; all the others get a certificate. A winner in more than one category, will receive an award in one category only and in the others ( even if the is the winner in other categories ), the award will go the second placed. The first will receive a diploma certifying him as the winner, the second a plaque certifying his second place. For the contest score, QSO's among Italian stations are valid. These and foreign stations in Italy, will compete in a separate classification from the rest of the world. Logs contain; date, time, calls, rprt send, rprt rcvd, points, category, summary and total points end of log and all informations of station, particular type of antenna used and length, are welcome; suggestions, comments, photo (for photo on e-mail, please a definition 300 DPI or better). Sending log to: e-mail address : i1anp@lunigiana.it or mario.alberti8@tin.it mail: I1ANP Mario Alberti, via privata Maralunga,12 19126 La Spezia Italy. For all, send also your e-mail, packet radio add., telephone, for sort time confirm that i received log, normally i cfm on same way that i received. End time for acceptation log, is August 2002. I1ANP Mario Italian EME Manager